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How to win loyal customers? March 12, 2010

Posted by utehagen in Marketing 101.
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People will become loyal to you if you offer them something that is of unique value to them. And the value you offer should better fit with your potential customer’s needs and desires than a competitive offer.

But how do you find out what people’s needs and desires are? It is really quite simple, but most marketers don’t do it. The simple secret is to know your customers as well as you know your spouse, close family members and best friends.

It all starts with making a CHOICE about who the bulls-eye target for your offer is. Then you need to go and personally meet with your target. Not all of them of course, it is sufficient to spend quality time with a few representatives of your target audience. Observe what they are doing, ask them to talk you through why they are doing what they are doing. Look for how your potential offering could help to make what your target is trying to accomplish easier, faster, more pleasant, less expensive, more emotionally rewarding etc.

Secret Tip: Don’t ever expect that people can TELL you what their true underlying motivations are. They can’t, because these are happening in the sub-conscious. You need to be the detective who discovers the motivations from what you see and hear.



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