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Social networkers swayed by online branding March 18, 2010

Posted by utehagen in Understanding Customers.
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Social networkers swayed by online branding, buying from the brands they follow.

Following a brand on Twitter or Facebook will make you more likely to buy a product from that company, says a new report published by market research firm Chadwik Martin Bailey.

According to a news article from RELAX News Consumers said that their number-one reason for becoming a fan of a brand on social networking sites was to receive discounts from the companies. Other reasons for following a brand included previously purchasing a product from the company, wanting to show others they supported the brand or to gain access to exclusive content.



1. beardrs - April 4, 2010

Ute–Great blog ! One interesting area that we are just now getting insight into is the non-obvious ways that TV and social media and digital overlap. With TV and Web “Convergence” viewing panels, it’s now possible to see how people’s web based behavior is impacted by being exposed to TV advertising. Said differently, we can now measure how expossure / non-exposure to TV ads changes consumers “Fan” behavior. While the learning is still nascent, it’s very clear that some advertising actually causes people to become FB fans while other ads don’t, even when there is no reference to FB in the advertising. I think we are at the beginning stages of learning all kinds of interesting things about how advertising works in both direct and in-direct ways. Keep up the great posts !! Randall

utehagen - April 4, 2010

Randall, thanks for your comment. That is indeed very fascinating research and a lot of new learning will come out of it.
With FB so rampant now, I could imagine that if people see TV-ads that really speak to them and make them excited about a Brand than they naturally want to get into contact with the Brand and certainly becoming a FB Fan is one way of doing it.
I’ll be curious to hear what your research will uncover.

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