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How to maximize Advertising Potential March 22, 2010

Posted by utehagen in Marketing 101.
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Great new post by Randall Beard at Nielsen. View the full post here: http://snipurl.com/v05zr   [randallbeard_wordpress_com]

Here is a quick summary: 5 Ways Marketers Can “Fix” Their Advertising 

  1.  Deliver More Engaging Ads – Ads which are relevant, persuasive, entertaining and emotionally engaging work to build brands and sales results. 
  2.  Deliver Ads in Relevant Content – Consumers really do pay more attention to ads when they are more relevant. And relevance is higher when you place your brands ad in a program which has relevant context.
  3. Create a Conversation – Consumers are looking for more two-way communication.  They want to share their opinions and feel like they matter.
  4.  Make Sharing Easy – Many consumers want to share relevant information and opinions with their personal networks. Brands need to make it easy to do so.
  5.  Be Honest, Open and Transparent – Consumers want to re-establish trust with advertising and the brands behind it. To do so, your brand must be honest, open and transparent. Brands that tell it like it is, listen to consumers, and deliver on promises are more likely to rebuild trust in their advertising.


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