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Follow your mind or your heart? May 22, 2010

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I just saw a very valuable piece of advice on this topic by reknown author Tamara Erickson:

I’m a big believer in following your heart.  My research shows that we do our best work when we’re engaged in and committed to our task.  Achieving high levels of engagement is very clearly a “heart” issue – not a head one.

This goal, by the way, is a win-win proposition.  It’s good for the individual to do work you care about and enjoy; it’s also better for the company, because you’re much more likely, if you’re engaged, to go that “extra mile” – to innovate, collaborate, provide extraordinary customer service, and so on.

In all three of my books written to the generations, I offer a framework of “Life Lures” – different characteristics of the workplace, each of which seem to touch the hearts of some of us, and not others.  My research has discovered primary archetypes, for example:

  1. Expressive Legacy – people who crave a sense that they’re doing work that will have lasting value – that they’re building or creating something, or making something better.  In same way, to feel really engaged, People for whom this is the dominant archetype find engagement in the fundamental meaning of the work itself.
  2. Secure Progress – people who do their best work in environments that are stable and predictable – ones in which the rules governing success are clearly understood and followed.    Individuals in this archetype are unable to engage fully in their work, no matter how important it is, if the environment is unstable and chaotic.
  3. Team Victory – people who really enjoy being part of a well-functioning team — who find great satisfaction to contributing their expertise to the success of the whole.  People for whom this is the dominant archetype obviously like team-based work, in smoothly functioning teams.
  4. Risk and Reward – people who are adrenaline junkies – who thrive on change and almost impossible challenge.  Individuals in this archetype crave flexibility and leading edge opportunities.  They don’t accept the possibility of significant failure, in exchange for the excitement of the immediate challenge.

Tools to assess your archetype are available in the trilogy books (Retire Retirement, What’s Next, Gen X?, and Plugged In).  I’ve also extracted the tools and posted them on my website (www.tammyerickson.com) .

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