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Important Marketing Lessons from Neuro-Science July 24, 2010

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I just found this article on the Nielsenwire.


It is a good reminder that Neuro-sciences have helped to reveal the secrets of how the human brain works. This includes how we humans make buying decisions. Any Marketer needs to understand the important implications of this.

SEEING is BELIEVING: Among the five senses, vision is the most pronounced and the brain will discount information that is not in concert with the visual stimuli it receives.

SMELL leads to EMOTIONS: The sense of smell is quite powerful too, as it is the most direct route to emotions and memory storage. Being linked with a pleasant, iconic smell can significantly improve a product’s success in the marketplace.

“monkey see; monkey do”: Mirror neuron theory says that when someone watches an action being performed, he or she performs that action in his or her own brain. Activating this mirror neuron system is one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers.

Defining Differences
While human brains are remarkably similar, there are some fundamental differences such as age and gender that affect how we respond to stimuli.

The Boomer Brain:  After age 50, the brain becomes less able to screen out distractions, presenting a huge implication and a great opportunity for marketers.  Young people respond to positive and negative stimuli, but older people more strongly to positive stimuli. Another key trait among older adults is the tendency to overlook the negative. They indicate that, when presented with a negative message, older brains can “delete” the NOT and remember it as a DO over time. A real world example of how this neuroscience discovery is useful for marketers is when crafting a message for the Boomer Brain, say “Remember the milk”, not “Don’t forget the milk”.

The Female Brain: The female brain has four times as many neurons connecting the right and left hemispheres, greatly enhancing its ability to process information through both rational and emotional filters—a fact that must not be ignored when crafting a message.

NeuroFocus CEO Dr. A. K. Pradeep, is the author of the forthcoming book, The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind, which provides the knowledge and the tools necessary to help marketers understand how to appeal to the subconscious on a very practical level by covering the five major areas of neuromarketing practice: brand, products, packaging, in-store marketing, and advertising.

To learn more about the book and to discover how neuroscience is impacting the making, selling and buying of projects, visit NeuroFocus.com.


How to get the best creativity to build your business July 1, 2010

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I just found a great Blog Post by Jim Stengel, former Chief Marketing Officer at Procter & Gamble with his 8 tips on how the get the best creative work from Agencies.

Read his Post at:   http://tiny.cc/45s2x

This is also relevant for Entrepreneurs because it talks about being passionate about what you are doing, your product and service and to think about how it can serve a higher purpose in improving people’s lives. This will inspire you to be your most creative and if you are using the help of Agency Creatives, it will be very important for their creativity as well.

To be able to think about a higher purpose, you need to know those that you are serving (your customers) better than your spouses or others that are significant in your life. You can only serve people if you know what will make their lives better.

And as I described in my earlier post ( http://tiny.cc/j4xnd ) about happiness and health, serving a higher purpose is what actually makes us as human beings happier and healthier. What a perfect win-win situation.

On-line Traffic and Lead Generation Blueprint June 16, 2010

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As a student of Personal Branding and Internet Marketing, I am amazed on what is possible. I am an experienced International Marketer in the Corporate World and am now eager to help others to be successful as well. It really is not that difficult if you are willing to spend some time and energy to learn and execute what successful Internet Marketer are already doing and sharing for free.

I just discovered this 136-page Traffic Blueprint…


created by Internet gurus David Schwind and Jim Yaghi. You can download it totally FREE.

They used a simple tweak they call the “Google Switch” to exponentially increase their leads & profit…

There’s nothing to buy either… just a free 100+ page traffic blueprint that you can download and put to use right away!

I’m implementing it right now, and I would like to hear from others how it goes…

How to become a more successful Search Marketer? April 19, 2010

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I just read a very noteworthy article by Laurie Sullivan from Mediapost.  He quotes Mike Moran, chief strategist at Converseon, at the Search Insider Summit in Captiva, Fla. Friday who urged the industry to not only become transparent, but focus on serving consumers rather than getting backlinks or appearing on the top spot on the first page in Google search results. Don’t forget the PageRank, but think more about answering consumer questions.

Search marketing must turn into a consumer service to help make the correct decisions when purchasing products or services.

As an expert in deeply understanding consumer needs I can only urge any serious on-line marketer to listen to this advice. Always remember that on the internet your customer has all the power and will only “invite” you into their lives if you provide real value to them, e.g. if you think about their needs first and not your own.

Read the full article under http://snipurl.com/vmeq6 [www_mediapost_com]

How to be a successful global marketer April 5, 2010

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I just came across a very important article for any marketer who wants to be successful around the globe and not just in his/her own native country.

Cynthia Edwards (senior copywriter with the Razorfish Global Email Solutions group) just published an article in Mediapost called “Don’t Say Hi! And Other Lessons In Global Marketing”.

She explains that transcreation is the process of rendering creative ideas so they resonate in other idioms and cultures. Another key process is localization — in essence, correcting the content so that it conforms to common protocols, cultural practices, audience expectations and legal requirements in different countries. http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=125505&lfe=1#

My own long time experience as a global marketer confirms that it is by far not enough to simply use somebody to literally translate your copy — it won’t make any sense to people in the country you are trying to target. I have learned that a Big Creative Idea can certainly travel because the fundamental needs and motivations of people around the world are very similar (we are all human beings), but the way you execute that fundamental idea requires local adaptation and quite a bit of cultural savy.

I can only recommend to take the recommendations in the article to heart if you want to succeed as a global marketer.

How to maximize Advertising Potential March 22, 2010

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Great new post by Randall Beard at Nielsen. View the full post here: http://snipurl.com/v05zr   [randallbeard_wordpress_com]

Here is a quick summary: 5 Ways Marketers Can “Fix” Their Advertising 

  1.  Deliver More Engaging Ads – Ads which are relevant, persuasive, entertaining and emotionally engaging work to build brands and sales results. 
  2.  Deliver Ads in Relevant Content – Consumers really do pay more attention to ads when they are more relevant. And relevance is higher when you place your brands ad in a program which has relevant context.
  3. Create a Conversation – Consumers are looking for more two-way communication.  They want to share their opinions and feel like they matter.
  4.  Make Sharing Easy – Many consumers want to share relevant information and opinions with their personal networks. Brands need to make it easy to do so.
  5.  Be Honest, Open and Transparent – Consumers want to re-establish trust with advertising and the brands behind it. To do so, your brand must be honest, open and transparent. Brands that tell it like it is, listen to consumers, and deliver on promises are more likely to rebuild trust in their advertising.