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A really practical way to increase your personal effectiveness January 25, 2011

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I have just found this really practical advice for increasing personal effectiveness, written by Tony Schwartz of The Energy Project on the HBR Blogs.

His simple yet powerful advice is the following:

Establish a routine where you sit down for 90 minutes of really focused work every day, with all distractions like emails, phones etc. turned off to get the most IMPORTANT thing done for the day. Decide the night before what the most important thing is and then get it done the next day.

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When you are not to be trusted September 30, 2010

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I just found this great post on the Berrett Koehler Publisher’s Blog Post.

Authors Dennis and Michelle Reina have spent decades studying issues of trust in the workplace. A commonly held misconception is that a breach of trust in the workplace has to be serious — like the CEO committing fraud or a manager being accused of a crime. The fact is that there are breaches of trust that happen daily. Here are five breaches of trust that you probably didn’t even realize that you may have been guilty of:

1. Failing to acknowledge a colleague’s efforts

2. Missing a deadline or two

3. Arriving late for meetings

4. Micromanaging

5. Discourteous, insensitive or rude behavior

From my 20+ years career in the corporate world, I wholeheartedly agree that these are all trust killers. I have seen them all happening and have worked hard to teach my people not to fall into these traps.

I recommend to click this link to read the full post