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Why marketers can’t afford to ignore Boomers (50+ aged) July 24, 2010

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Just found an important posting about winning with the biggest generation of consumers on Nielsen Wire.

Winning with Boomers (50+aged) will be key for marketers world-wide, as this is the fasted growing demographic, particularly in the Western World, but also in developing markets like China.

When it comes to marketing, the focus always seems to be on youth. What are they watching… what’s trendy? As a result media companies focus on reaching consumers age 18-34 or 18-49. But by solely focusing on these groups, advertisers and consumer goods manufacturers are overlooking a group that has tremendous buying power: the Baby Boomers.

Born between the years 1946-1964, the oldest of the Boomers are beginning to retire. But today’s middle aged and older consumers are different than their predecessors.  Boomers are an affluent group who adopt technology with enthusiasm (think about the number of parents or grandparents who regularly send e-mails or upload photos to Facebook and other sites). They have also shown a willingness to try new brands and products and services.

Boomers should be as desirable for marketers as Millennials and Gen-Xers for years to come; they are the largest single group of consumers, and a valuable target audience. As the world continues to age, reaching this group will continue to be critical for advertisers,” said Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President, Insights, Analysis and Policy at the Nielsen Company.

At a time when most analysts are predicting much slower growth in consumer spending, manufacturers and marketers need to look at every opportunity to grow market share. Boomers can represent tremendous potential to those who know how to reach them.

To read the entire article, go to:



Four Ways to generate quality Leads – any Industry July 1, 2010

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Great Article from Chris Chariton on Media Post Performance Insider.   http://tiny.cc/2b05g

It doesn’t matter which Industry you are in, one important tactic to grow your business is to find leads for potential new customers. And it isn’t only quantity of leads, but importantly also quality.

1. Produce (or reuse) relevant content. Content is King in today’s marketing environment and remember that if you have quality content, then don’t hesitate to reuse it after a certain amount of time because it will be News to new leads.

2. Support campaigns with targeted landing pages

3. Try a new marketing tactic.

4. Work with media partners who deliver leads.

On-line Traffic and Lead Generation Blueprint June 16, 2010

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As a student of Personal Branding and Internet Marketing, I am amazed on what is possible. I am an experienced International Marketer in the Corporate World and am now eager to help others to be successful as well. It really is not that difficult if you are willing to spend some time and energy to learn and execute what successful Internet Marketer are already doing and sharing for free.

I just discovered this 136-page Traffic Blueprint…


created by Internet gurus David Schwind and Jim Yaghi. You can download it totally FREE.

They used a simple tweak they call the “Google Switch” to exponentially increase their leads & profit…

There’s nothing to buy either… just a free 100+ page traffic blueprint that you can download and put to use right away!

I’m implementing it right now, and I would like to hear from others how it goes…

17 Revelations On How An Online Retailer Went From Zero to $1.2 Billion May 22, 2010

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I highly recommend to read this post on Jeff Bulla’s Blog. It is a great case study on how the single-minded commitment to fulfilling consumer needs is not only creating a great financial success, but also happier people — both the customers and the employees. This is how you create true profitable differentiation by better fulfilling customer needs. It’s not difficult, it just requires a personal commitment and change of mind-set.


How to become a more successful Search Marketer? April 19, 2010

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I just read a very noteworthy article by Laurie Sullivan from Mediapost.  He quotes Mike Moran, chief strategist at Converseon, at the Search Insider Summit in Captiva, Fla. Friday who urged the industry to not only become transparent, but focus on serving consumers rather than getting backlinks or appearing on the top spot on the first page in Google search results. Don’t forget the PageRank, but think more about answering consumer questions.

Search marketing must turn into a consumer service to help make the correct decisions when purchasing products or services.

As an expert in deeply understanding consumer needs I can only urge any serious on-line marketer to listen to this advice. Always remember that on the internet your customer has all the power and will only “invite” you into their lives if you provide real value to them, e.g. if you think about their needs first and not your own.

Read the full article under http://snipurl.com/vmeq6 [www_mediapost_com]

How to be a successful global marketer April 5, 2010

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I just came across a very important article for any marketer who wants to be successful around the globe and not just in his/her own native country.

Cynthia Edwards (senior copywriter with the Razorfish Global Email Solutions group) just published an article in Mediapost called “Don’t Say Hi! And Other Lessons In Global Marketing”.

She explains that transcreation is the process of rendering creative ideas so they resonate in other idioms and cultures. Another key process is localization — in essence, correcting the content so that it conforms to common protocols, cultural practices, audience expectations and legal requirements in different countries. http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=125505&lfe=1#

My own long time experience as a global marketer confirms that it is by far not enough to simply use somebody to literally translate your copy — it won’t make any sense to people in the country you are trying to target. I have learned that a Big Creative Idea can certainly travel because the fundamental needs and motivations of people around the world are very similar (we are all human beings), but the way you execute that fundamental idea requires local adaptation and quite a bit of cultural savy.

I can only recommend to take the recommendations in the article to heart if you want to succeed as a global marketer.

How to build a large and passionately loyal following? March 27, 2010

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The secret to any meaningful human interaction is PASSION. What really makes any person act is an EMOTION, a “gut feeling”, and not a rationale argument, brilliant as it may be.

So, you need to bring passion, both your own and that of your employees, to the forefront.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at Marketingprofs, just published a great article in the American Express Open Forum titled: Secrets to Earning Passionate Fans (Not Just Customers), and the Top 3 Things Stopping Your Company from Being the Next Zappos http://snipurl.com/v3psx   [www_openforum_com]

She reviews a new book by Jeanne Bliss: “I love you more than my dog” who in turn has studies companies that enjoy exceptional consumer loyalty.

It is all about the deliberate decisions that you, as an entrepreneur, make about how you will act and what the purpose for your enterprise is and then to act accordingly.

Social networkers swayed by online branding March 18, 2010

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Social networkers swayed by online branding, buying from the brands they follow.

Following a brand on Twitter or Facebook will make you more likely to buy a product from that company, says a new report published by market research firm Chadwik Martin Bailey.

According to a news article from RELAX News Consumers said that their number-one reason for becoming a fan of a brand on social networking sites was to receive discounts from the companies. Other reasons for following a brand included previously purchasing a product from the company, wanting to show others they supported the brand or to gain access to exclusive content.

Which Internet Sites get the most traffic? March 18, 2010

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The FAST COMPANY Website shared an interesting analysis of the most visited Sites on the Internet.

Not surprisingly the 4 most visited categories are Search/Portals, Media/News, Retail Sites and Social Networks. Within the Social Networks category FACEBOOK far outpaces everybody else.  And in Retail sites of course we see E-bay and Amazon, but also the big “brick & mortar” retailers like Walmart and Target have a big share.

See the full FAST COMPANY article here.

Benefits of TWITTER as a powerful marketing tool March 15, 2010

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Any Business Owner should think about the power of Twitter as a Marketing Tool.

 According to Irbtrax SEO Social Media Marketing founder Scott Moir- “Twitter is evolving at such a rapid rate I see evidence that the business world perception of Twitter is still lagging behind the reality of its potential uses. Twitter viral marketing benefits alone make it a valuable platform for any business that depends on the Internet for a part of its prosperity.”

You can find a condensed review of these findings at: http://www.onlineprnews.com/news/25552-1268422593-twitter-social-media-marketing-strategy-benefits-analysis.html